Ambulant orthopaedic rehabilitation

centrovital’s concept of ambulant orthopaedic rehabilitation was developed by physicians, sport scientists, sport therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, social workers and dieticans alike. Our concept evaluates your weight-bearing ability with the aim to constantly improve it. We develop an individual recovery program which is tailored to your specific needs and monitored by qualified therapists.

Outpatient rehabilitation is an essential part of your holistic recovery program that is customized to your needs and supervised by qualified personnel. The successful treatment usually includes physical measures, physiotherapy exercise treatments, medical training therapy and group treatments, possibly in the water. The program is complemented by accompanying occupational therapy treatments, psychological counseling, individual nutrition counseling, relaxation training, social rehabilitation and counseling.
Outpatient rehabilitation is recognized in the rule for 15 days. The daily treatment time is about 4 – 6 hours. We also offer a hot lunch.

For more information please contact the centrovital Health Center:
centrovital Health Center
Neuendorfer Straße 25
13585 Berlin
Tel.: +49/30/818 75-160
Fax: +49/30/818 75-157


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