Baby swimming

Babies need to move. They can do it best in water a familiar element because here they can move independently and freely. New course that promises lots of fun during baby swimming in Berlin!

Important information:

  • Pleasant water temperatures of 30-32 degree
  • Changing rooms with playpen and diaper changing table
  • Childcare for your older kids during the course
  • Do not forget swimming diapers for your baby, towels and swimming clothes for the baby.
  • Please tell your paediatrician about participating in the baby swimming lessons and ask them for a preliminary check up to ensure that your child can attend the course.

Up to two adults plus two children can attend the centrovital baby swimming lessons. The prices are based on the number of registered persons.


 1st course admission fee2nd course 3rd coursefurther courses

1 adult + 1 child

140,- €130,- €120,- €110,- €

2 adults + 1 child

190,- €180,- €170,- €160,- €

2 adults + 2 children

210,- €200,- €190,- €180,- €

The course fee includes 10 units plus 2 bonus point (The bonus point affords 1 person free entrance to the SPA- & sauna area during the course.)


Further information and registration:
Phone: +49/30/818 75-115, -137

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