Medical training therapy

The restoration of freedom of movement

Medical training therapy is an integral part of physiotherapeutic measures at the centrovital health centre. Here the musculature is trained intensely under medical supervision and coordination is also improved.

For who is the medical training therapy appropriate?
Basically, medical training therapy is recommended to all those who suffer from muscle weakness and deficits in stamina, strength, coordination and agility. This can be due to old age chronic illness or postoperative injuries.

In the medical training therapy, movement is of central importance. In collaboration with the attending physiotherapist individual training programs can be arranged which are then performed on special exercise equipment. Thus, strength, endurance and stamina will be trained intensively and effectively in order to achieve a lasting improvement. For the reimbursement of medical treatment a referral to a physiotherapist is needed with the additional qualification MTT/MAT or for medical training therapy (MTT) or for physical therapy with equipment. Talk to your doctor or attending physical therapist about the type duration and need for MTT.

For more information on medical training therapy at centrovital, please do not hesitate to contact us:
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