Nutrition consultation at centrovital Health Center Berlin

Our dietician will show you how knowledge about foods, nutrition and your own eating habits holds the key to success for conscious eating and enjoyment.

We provide expert assistance with regard to nutrition-related complaints such as adipositas, obesity,
coronary heart disease, metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus, gout, osteoporosis and digestive disorders. You will receive valuable information about your diet with regard to cancer, food allergies, micro-nutrient deficiencies as well as information about the ideal diet during pregnancy, breastfeeding and healthy food for children.

The service we offer includes:

  • Nutritional advice with in-depth anamnese (analysis) and nutritional analysis, including nutrition
  • BMI and BIA measurements
  • Health-conscious cooking practice and cookery courses
  • Nutritional seminars and cookery courses for large and small groups
  • Individual coaching and psychological training on behavioural change
  • Information on specific foods

Information & appointments:
Carola Mielisch-Rygoll
Phone: +49/30/81875-289

During our cookery courses the participants learn how to cook simple meals from healthy ingredients at home. For disease-related diets and dietary changes they are also a useful addition to individual consultation.

Cookery courses for more fun with healthy cooking
Healthy eating is one of the main pillars for a completely healthy life. This fact is often quickly forgotten, and once at home, you can easily fall back into old habits. In order to prevent such a backslide and maintain a change in diet after the activity week, the participants will be taught during cooking lessons as to how to prepare quickly and easily delicious meals made from healthy ingredients.

Easy and delicious cooking of healthy dishes
Eating healthy need not be complicated and expensive. Seasonal vegetables are cheaply available and rich in vitamins and nutrients. Fresh fish from the market is for example easy to prepare and a pleasure to see on the plate. More helpful tips are available during the cooking lessons!

Information & appointments:

centrovital Health Center
Nutrition consultation
Neuendorfer Straße 25
13585 Berlin
Phone: +49/30/818 75-289

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