Occupational therapy

Occupational health therapy at centrovital: Get back in to life

Therapeutic support after serious illnesses
In the context of occupational therapy, there are a variety of possibilities for the muscular, motor and mental stability. This applies especially to patients with serious orthopedic, neurological or post-operative discomfort. Serious illnesses can change your life significantly. Functional disturbances in motor function, musculoskeletal system and body balance can put a strain on your everyday life and restrict your independence. A suitable therapy can help you!

Occupational therapy allows independent movement
After a stroke, heart attack or as a result of a serious accident, restrictions often occur, that affect the neurological, motoric and orthopedic base functions. Occupational therapy pursues the goal of improving your quality of life to facilitate everyday activities and movements of patients through regular treatment.

Occupational health therapy: Get back in to life
To achieve a noticeable improvement, practical exercises will be performed with the patients, which will train the impaired functions. Each patient has individual needs and requirements that’s why the exercises are individually customized. A personal and sensitive treatment is guaranteed. During the therapeutic treatment the focus is placed on motor exercises. Skills such as eating, playing or writing will be re-learned or perfected again. Even your family can rest assured that you are in good hands and are the best care!

Statutory health insurance companies, trade associations and private health insurances will cover the costs of occupational therapy measures. Find out how to find the best treatment for you from your doctor.

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