Mini break at centrovital Ayurveda Center

Immerse yourself in the world of Ayurveda and gain your strength

To get to know
Massage & consultation

Enjoy a classic Ayurvedic massage and a consultation tailored to your individual needs. Dive deeper into the Ayurvedic philosophy and receive first recommendations on Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle habits.

approx. 90 min. | 138.- €

The classic
Abhyanga & Washpa Sweda

Enjoy a classic Ayurvedic full-body oil massage followed by an herbal steam bath in the so-called sweat box. The body is enfolded by soothing herbal steam that opens the skin pores and releases accumulated toxins. This treatment has a muscle-relaxing and expectorant effect, strengthens the immune system and supports weight reduction.

approx. 70 min. | 118.- €
approx. 90 min. | 148.- €

Deep relaxation
Massage & Shirodhara

Enjoy a classic Ayurvedic massage followed by a traditional forehead oil pouring. The warm oil enriched with Ayurvedic herbs balances the nervous system, leads to long-lasting deep relaxation and is especially recommended for a condition of exhaustion.

approx. 70 min. | 129.- €
approx. 90 min. | 159.- €

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