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Welcome to a new life.

Literally, "Ayurveda" means "knowledge of life". In the Indian culture, this knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation for 5000 years. It comprises teacherings about health and the treatment of illnesses, taking into consideration the individual constitution of every human being.

The treatments and the products used are customized to your personal constitution which is examined and taken into consideration prior to the treatment.

Come to the Ayurveda Center at centrovital to find fresh vital energy. Befor long you will feel like newly born.

Balance of the three Doshas

Basic principle of the Ayurvedic health doctrine are the three life energies – named „Doshas“ - „Vata“, „Pitta“ and „Kapha“. The bodily constitution of every human being is shaped by the individual proportions of these three life energies. The original constitution at the time of birth of each human being - „Prakruthi“ - is characterized by an energetic equilibrium.

This harmonious stability can get unbalanced by the strain of everyday life or by an unfavourable lifestyle and can thus lead to discomfort and illness. Ayurveda helps to restore and maintain the balance of the life energies in the body.

For this purpose, the Indian healing arts use massage, cleansing techniques, yoga as well as suitable dietetics and herbal medicine. The Ayurveda Center offers for instance the following treatments:

Shirobyanga. An Ayurvedic head massage to encourage the blood flow and relax the nervous system. Recommended for headaches.

Shirodhara. Traditional pouring of oil over the fronthead to stimulate the nerves and achieve long-lasting relaxation. Recommended for depression and burnout symptoms.

Udvartana. A massage with peeling effect to enhance blood circulation and vitalization. Recommended for cellulite.

Ayurveda Center
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