centrovital SPA & sauna area

Strengthen your immune system, find rest and recharge your batteries

The centrovital combines sport, spa, health and enjoyment. The spacious spa and sauna area include a 25 meter long swimming pool, a fun pool, a blockhouse roof sauna, an ice igloo and many other exciting highlights are waiting for you.

Recovery at the highest level. In addition to the family-friendly water world the SPA & Sportclub also features a spacious sauna area.

The sauna area offers various sauna facilities - from the classic blockhouse sauna with changing experience essences to the Ottoman steam bath. Particularly "cool": The ice igloo with arctic temperatures, which will definetly get your heart going.

SPA and sauna area - all centrovital offerings include:

Large water world with:

  •    25 m swimming pool
  •    Fun pool
  •    Experience showers
  •    Jacuzzi

Wide range of Aqua courses

Large sauna area with:

  •    Experience essences
  •    Ice igloo
  •    Finnish dry cabin
  •    Blockhouse rooftop sauna
  •    Bio sauna
  •    Ottoman steam bath

Towels and bathrobes can be rented for a small fee at centrovital.

Do you want to experience well-being in the SPA & Sportclub in Berlin? Let yourself be surprised by the wide variety of offers.

Culinary extra: in the Brennbar with a fireplace or the rooftop bar you can enjoy delicious seasonal dishes after your physical well-being program. The Brennbar is directly accessible via the swimming pool through a connecting door. In a bathrobe you can enjoy a drink.

centrovital sauna

Finnish hut sauna

Enjoy yourself at 87° to 90° C at our Finnish hut sauna with seasonal sauna infusions.

Blockhouse sauna

Have a great view from our rooftop terrace overlooking the river Havel. Sauna experts feel comfortable in the blockhouse sauna at about 90° C.

Bio sauna

If you are a little heat-sensitive, the Bio sauna offers with 56° to 60° C the perfekt start for you.

Play of colors in the steam bath.

Sensitive physical experience at 45° C underneath the stars.

Ice igloo

After an intensive visit at the sauna, it is the best for your body to visit the Ice igloo. The tough cold of about 2° to 5° C strengthens your immune system, tightens the connective tissue and enhances the spirit.

Our adventure infusions change every hour.

A fruity, sweet scent improves your mood and stimulates your senses. Sour lemon aromas have an enlivening effect. Salty peelings ensure a soft skin.

Please enjoy our range of fruits, nuts and drinks.


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