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How does sauna work?

A visit to the sauna acts purging and detoxifying to the body. Through the high temperatures your body exudes impurities and pollutants by sweating. Heat relaxes the muscles and expands the vessels, which stimulates circulation. The rich variety of sauna infusions can stimulate body and mind in different ways. The interaction of hot and cold also helps strengthening your immune system.

Have a sauna the right way:

  • Take a shower before going to the sauna, for sanitary reasons
  • Towel yourself dry thoroughly, because wetness will delay perspiration
  • Once you are in the sauna, it will be best to lie down or sit with your legs drawn to your chest, to maintain the same temperature in your whole body
  • Shortly before leaving the sauna, it will be best to sit up and let your legs dangle
  • Go catch some fresh air to cool down and take a cold shower after. Begin with body parts furthest away from the heart, your feet for instance, and avoid freezing in the shower
  • A warm foot bath after the sauna expands the vessels and will dissipate the heat from your body centre
  • Allow your body to rest for 15 minutes
  • After your sauna visit, it is advised to avoid using soap to protect the body from drying up
  • Only drink water after you had your last sauna for the day, to purge your body correctly

Hint: Ideally, you visit the sauna once per week for two sittings, whereas the first sitting should take 8 – 12 minutes and the second sitting no longer than 15 minutes.


When should you not have a sauna?

  • In case of acute asthma
  • In case of rheumatism, except outside of inflammation period
  • In case of kidney problems
  • In case of cardiac insufficiency
  • In case of inflammation of the internal organs, vessels or the skin
  • In case of venous disorders or varicose veins
  • In case of a common cold


Wellness with long tradition

Already thousands of years ago people made use of so called sweating caves, which they heated with hot stones. Sweat bathing apparently made its way into Europe from Eastern Asia. In North America remnants of sweating tents and evidence of sweating rituals were discovered by archaeologists, dating back to times before the discovery of Christopher Columbus. Sweat bathing was also known in the Greco-Roman antiquity. Ancient Rome had two different sauna types: the laconicum and the sudatorium.

In the laconicum a coal basin in the centre of the room created hot, dry air, whereas the domed sudatorium got its heat from a moderate underfloor heater.  A visit to the frigidarium to cool off afterwards completed the rite.

After the downfall of the Roman Empire, the bathing continued in the Orient. In the Western world sauna practices were slowly forgotten since the clergy disapproved of them due to the spread of infectious diseases, unsanitary circumstances and semi-nude conditions. Only in Finland and Northern Russia the sweat bathing rite lived on.

Eventually saunas regained their popularity in Germany after World War II and are now a highly popular means of relaxation and rest for the body.

Special Offers

Ladies’ Sauna
On the first Thursday each month from 5 pm – 10 pm we will pamper you with refreshing drinks and little delicacies after each sauna sitting. Let yourself be surprised.

Participation fee: 4.90 €

Men’s Sauna
On the first Friday each month from 5 pm – 10 pm we will pamper you with refreshing drinks and little delicacies after each sauna sitting. Let yourself be surprised.

Participation fee: 4.90 €

Our qualified personnel will look after your children from ages 6 months to 12 years.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday                     08:00 am – 12:30 pm
                                               04:00 pm – 08:30 pm
Saturday                                 09:30 am – 02:00 pm
Sunday & public holiday        10:00 am – 07:00 pm

Find out more:
Get in touch with our team, if you want to learn more about saunas:
Phone:  +49/30/818 75-130 or E-Mail: sport@centrovital-berlin.de

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