Eyebrow & eyelashes

Expressive, beautiful and big eyes are a feature of beauty and immediately attract attention. The expressive power of the eyes can be enhanced through simple means. Long, curved lashes and nicely shaped, tinted brows boost the natural beauty of eyes many times over.

It is all the more worth tinting your lashes, if you aim to leave a lasting expression with your eyes without the daily trouble of putting make-up on. The tint provides each individual eyelash with lush colour intensity. Therefore you should consult a professional to ensure the best possible result and avoid injuries in the process of doing it yourself.

Nicely shaped and tinted eyebrows also add to the expressiveness of beautiful eyes. Especially light brows can profit from a bit of colour. Through their long years of experience, our professionals at centrovital know what colour will best match your type.

Treat yourself to the full package and let the professionals at centrovital provide your eyes with renewed expressive power.

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