Personal training at centrovital Berlin

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Let yourself be supported by the centrovital personal trainers during your fitness training in Berlin. As part of the all-round sports assistance your fitness level is elicited, which then forms the basis for your personal training regimen. Professional advice is of course included. During the course of a comprehensive fitness check your condition and your training potential will be recorded to meet your specific needs. Based on your training goals, your personal trainer can create a perfectly tailored training and nutrition plan for you. The centrovital experts will help you with valuable tips!


1 unit (60 Min.)

    66.- €

10 units card

  600.- €

20 units card

1.150.- €

sub-1 (4x/per month)

   240.- €

sub-2 (8x/per month)

   460.- €

Personal training at centrovital Berlin

For further information do not hesitate to contact us by phone
Tel.: +49/30/818 75-133

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