SKILLMILL™ at centrovital Berlin

Our extensive range of training eqipment has recently been expanded to include two Technogym SKILLMILLs. SKILLMILL™ is the only non-motorized all-round device on the market that combines strength, speed, endurance and mobility training. SKILLMILL™ is operated and controlled only by the user's physical strength.

Strengthening of the most important physical ablilities

SKILLMILL™ enables the user to effectively train the dynamics and resistance of the lower body in order to become not only strong but also fast.

With SKILLMILL™, allows the user to quickly accelerate from walking to sprinting with maximum speed without having to change any settings.

With SKILLMILL™, users can improve their aerobic and anaerobic performance through special speed and endurance training.

With SKILLMILL™, users can improve their neuromuscular coordination and thus their movement efficiency.

Optimize your performance

Changeable resistance
With the MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ users can set the reaction resistance from zero to the maximum as desired. The degree of difficulty can be easily switched via a lever from resistance-free running to load pushing.

Increased basal metabolism
Adding resistance increases oxygen consumption: Power walking with resistance on SKILLMILL™ increases energy consumption significantly compared to walking at the same speed on a conventional treadmill.

Maximum muscle activation
The back muscle chains, in particular the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the thigh back, are activated much more strongly than with conventional treadmills.

Let yourself be convinced by this all-round genius!

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